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The Greatest Comic Book has returned, filled with Unicorns, Hipsters, Beer and so much more. Special guests include Old Crow STM PTV, and Freya VRS, doing what they do best. Dedicated to the loving memory of Rounder STM PTV, the greatest dog a hobo could ever have, you’ll be missed.

- Limited Edition of 200 copies with hand printed two color covers, signed and numbered 

- Frank the unicorn co-writen by YUM YUM
- 48 pages all illustrated by hand 

- Hand colored 
with crayon
- 3 full illustrated pages by guest artist LOGO, YENTA, GROW and ZIPGUN.

About BROKE aka Beer is Good

”A drunk that isn’t afraid to speak his mind, it might not make any sense but it’s going to be said. Who has put up thousands of hilarious stickers, posters and tags all over the bay, off and on since the mid 90’s.”


Happy New Year sticker pack (Better late than never)! 
From those guys who you been stealing from… Broke and Grow.

"Thanks for jacking our boards dick heads lol. Here buy some stickers now." - Broke

- 20 or more stickers per pack 
- 1 Full Color 8.5 x 11 collab 
- 8 vinyl by Broke One 
- 8 vinyl by Grow 
- lots more hand made stickers

About GROW (aka Leaf Leaver): He draws a leaf …… :-/

About BROKE (aka Beer is Good): 
Broke has put up thousands of hilarious stickers, posters and tags all over the bay, off and on since the mid 90’s.

Please do not place these over other people’s work in the street (stickers, tags, etc). Endless Canvas and the above artist believe in expressing respect to everyone.


New "Truck Trinity" GATS print just dropped at 1xRun…

Limited Edition of 40
12 x 18 Inches 3-Color Letterpress Print on 250gsm Fine Art Paper
Metalic gold and silver

"This piece evolved out of little mockup sketches that I was doing to plan out compositions on actually box trucks. I liked the simplicity and energy of the rough sketches more than a realistic technical drawing of a truck. I guess the beauty of illegal work is that it forces you to simplify and express an idea in the shortest amount of time possible. 

The concept of taking a modern graffiti medium and combining it with mid-15th Century technology appeals to me because it pays homage to the history of typography. The press liberated literature from monasteries the way that graffiti liberated artwork from private collections. Aesthetically, nothing compares to being able to feel the artwork physically indented into the paper.” - GATS 

This RUN is signed, numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from GATS and 1xRUN.


Available for a limited time through Endless Canvas:

These Hoodies will be released and shipped the day after Thanks Giving.

Pre-Order yours now to reserve your size. (The last run of shirts sold out in two days.)

- Limited run (Max of 100) 
- Grey Ink on Black ZipUp Hoody 
- 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester Fleece
- Preshrunk Fleece 
- Air jet yarn = softer feel and no pilling 
- Durable Plastisol Ink

The original artwork was drawn 11”x17” with a Sharpie and then transferred without vectoring in order to maintain the unique line quality.

Canvas  by  andbamnan