This limited run of shirts will be released on December 12th, 2012.

New work by GATS.

Available in both Men and Women’s sizes!

Drawn freehand and never vectorized.

Tired of t-shirts with big uncomfortable patches of plastic feeling ink? These t-shirts are discharge printed. Discharge is a screen printing technique that removes the dye from the shirt leaving the natural cotton color. This means the whole shirt feels soft as if it was never printed and the design will never fade.

Shirt Specs: 
- Black Shirt 
- Soft Discharge Print 
- 5.3oz 100% Cotton 
- PreShrunk Jersey

New Print by GATS

Available here…

- Limited Edition of 30 
- Signed and Numbered by artist 
- 19” by 24” Inches 
- Printed on Archival Bristol Board 
- Hand Pulled Serigraph 
- Three Layers 
- Never Vectorized

About GATS: 
"GATS is one of the West Coast’s most prolific and rampant graffiti artists. Their iconic characters litter the landscape from coast to coast and have been spotted in over half a dozen different countries around the world."

Shipped safely in a hard cardboard tube.

For sale here…

Pemex of LOL Crew is definitely one of the major players in the active contemporary graffiti world. While he is super prolific on the West Coast, we’ve seen him up between Mexico and New York City. There are few people rocking such epic illegal pieces on the street and holding down the fine art end in the galleries as well.

This can was featured in Endless Canvas’s Best HandStyle Art Exhibit earlier this month.

Canvas  by  andbamnan